My commitments

as President of the Alliance

I fully support the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade, which I intend to continue to implement and even enhance. The results achieved thus far strengthen my convictions and are a confirmation that we have the right strategies.

I intend to bolster them with concrete actions and increased intercooperation between Alliance members. The program I am proposing is therefore based on this plan and is structured around three priorities: Engagement, Leadership, and Growth.

My three priorities

Priority 1

Member Engagement

We should put in place all the necessary tools to foster intercooperation between associations and cooperatives of all sizes at the international, national, and regional levels.

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Priority 2

Leadership and commitment

We should step up our presence on the international stage to promote our cooperative identity and how the cooperative movement builds on social responsibility and sustainable development principles.

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Priority 3

Growth and Solidity

The cooperative movement has to affirm itself as a recognised leader in economic, social and environmental development. To achieve this objective, we must support the development of cooperatives and help them grow and flourish across the global cooperative movement.

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How we will succeed

To carry out this program, with the support of the Board of Directors and senior management, the Alliance must have the necessary levers. The Alliance presidency, together with the Board of Directors and senior management, must define the strategic priorities, align the work of the management team and measure its performance with success indicators.

Human resources

Qualified, highly driven employees and managers who have the resources they need to do their jobs, who are highly engaged and who work together with the national organizations are the foundation of my program’s success.


Pursue the collaborative and matrix-based work to achieve solid and effective governance with clear roles and responsibilities assigned to the regions, sectors and global office, will be another pillar of my program. This work must be completed with focused action plans and defined accountability mechanisms.


Increasing membership and income sources, particularly from national and international organizations (such as the UN, WB, IMF), will be necessary in order to carry out the program without placing an additional financial burden on its members, taking example from the practices in some countries.

Systems and tools

In the digital age, the Alliance, the regions and the sectors must take advantage of new technologies to increase organizational and operational effectiveness. To this effect, it would be interesting to put more emphasis on the sharing of technology and tools between members and the Alliance and to increase the exchange of services between members.