Priority 3

Growth and Solidity

3.1 Cooperative identity

The Alliance must continue to work on cooperative brand recognition (COOP logo,, etc.). This is key to the growth of cooperatives in the world. The alliance must also pursue data collection efforts in order to demonstrate the impact of cooperatives (such as the World Cooperative Monitor). These are essential levers for a growing cooperative movement around the world. A unified and strong identity is also a prerequisite for the pursuit of our growth ambitions.

3.2 Emerging sectors

Through its R&D support role, the Alliance must be a leader in the development of new cooperative sectors that offer solutions to today’s economic and social issues such as health, food security and financial inclusion. It must also monitor emerging trends and facilitate information sharing between members, notably action plans of national, regional and sectoral organisations. The Alliance must be a leader in this new collaborative and digital economy in line with our democratic and cooperative values.

3.3 Development and growth

The Alliance must be a catalyst for the growth of the cooperative movement and for job creation by, for instance, facilitating multi-sector business partnerships, stimulating and highlighting cooperative entrepreneurship, creating networking spaces (B2B), sharing best practices and developing new tools for intercooperative trade, financing and capital. Cross-sectoral intercooperation, as well as cooperation between large and small cooperatives, will be an important lever in developing and sharing technology tools.