Desjardins at Marché Central

Jun 29, 2015

Desjardins Group continues to drive innovation with the opening of a brand new location at Marché Central. This service outlet targets a broad group of clients (18–50-year-olds) seeking the support they need to achieve their financial goals. When visitors arrive, an advisor greets and works with them to provide direct access to Desjardins’s complete line of products and services. Themed areas have been created with advice tailored to various common goals and situations. To complement the one-on-one support provided, additional technology tools have been added to enhance the interactivity of the visitor’s experience.
Developing closer ties with cultural communities Because of its location, the service outlet will also reach various cultural communities in the area. Most of the service outlet’s staff are from cultural communities and they speak approximately a dozen languages altogether. Strategically located at the intersection of highways 40 and 15, Marché Central is one of the major commercial centres in Canada and draws in over 10 million consumers each year. The area also has 1 million immigrants, who make up over 70% of the local population. The communities most strongly represented in this area are Arabs, Iranians, Armenians, Greeks and Italians.
“We’re showcasing an innovative concept in numerous ways, which sets us apart from the competition,” said Martin Brunelle, managing vice-president of Greater Montreal division at Desjardins Group. “As a starting point, the service outlet’s modern, unique and welcoming layout is absolutely stunning. However, the key distinctive elements lie in the quality of the visitor’s experience.”