Another advantage for Desjardins members travelling to France

Jun 16, 2015

A new Desjardins advantage is now available to members travelling to France. Thanks to Desjardins Group’s partnership with its French counterpart Crédit Mutuel, Desjardins members will be exempt from the $3 fee applicable on cash withdrawals at an ATM abroad.

To benefit from this fee waiver, Desjardins access card holders must use one of the 7,669 Crédit Mutuel-CIC ATMs bearing the logo Euro Automatic Cash located across France.

or by the Crédit Mutuel logo:

“For our members travelling to France, this is an interesting advantage compared to using other Desjardins ATMs abroad,” said Guy Cormier, Desjardins’ senior vice-president of Cooperative Network and Personal Services. “Crédit Mutuel-CIC is a major cooperative financial group and has one the largest ATM networks in France. Desjardins is the only Canadian financial institution to provide its members with this advantage and we are very proud of it.”