Pre-Summit activities have begun!

Oct 10, 2016

The meeting of cooperative umbrella organizations, one of many activities being held alongside the International Summit of Cooperatives, took place today. Representatives of these organizations gathered to discuss common issues, learn from each other’s successes and share solutions.

Umbrella organizations are so named because they represent our local and regional cooperatives at the national level. These organizations support cooperatives with their development and their priority issues, and as such, they need to be effective and influential, as well as contribute directly to maintaining the soundness of our cooperatives.

Inspiring each other Because they have a mission of representation, coordination and promotion, they must constantly strive to do better, in the same way that cooperatives ask themselves how they can serve their members more effectively. We, cooperative stakeholders, must also ask ourselves how we can inspire one another.

The strength of the cooperative movement is the people and its networks, and umbrella organizations are its core. Their mission is what fuels intercooperation, and they work to increase the potential of the cooperative movement, namely by supporting the next generation.

Their role as mobilizers and their support to local and regional cooperatives are essential to ensure the sustainable growth of the cooperative movement.

Working together to build a better world Today I met dedicated women and men who are determined to be part of the solution, and build a better world. That is why, as President of the International Co-operative Alliance, I pledge to help them give life to their ideas and support them with their development projects.

I wish you an excellent Summit!